Computers / Networking / Internet / Wireless

Without a doubt I have a passion for Computers, Internet, all the geeky stuff. I also love Timber Framing, building things, and most of all, solving problems.

When it comes to the Internet, Computers, Wireless – you are in great hands with Home & RV Upgrades. I have a couple of decades of experience across a WIDE range of situations and applications.

Solving your problem(s) be it a repair, brand new install or just a few upgrades, and doing it ELEGANTLY is extremely satisfying.

A list, but not a complete comprehensive list, of IT / Computer / Networking aspects with which Home & RV Upgrades can help:

  • Windows Upgrades
  • Reuse Old Equipment (Linux)
  • Wireless and related installations, troubleshooting, repair
  • Internet issues
  • Email issues
  • Software Installation
  • Move data from old computer to new computer
  • Network stabilization (keep losing printer, etc)

What might I help you with?

Let’s get started. Just send me a message via the Contact Form (Click on CONTACT) on the menu.

I'm your professional "Blue Collar IT Guy".


Upgrades for Home/RV's

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Light Construction

Appliance Installation

Honey-Do Lists

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