Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment today has come a LONG way. While it is possible to have home entertainment without an Internet component, it is rare that the Internet doesn’t at least play a part.

A Home Entertainment system either in a RV, or an actual home can be exactly the same. There might be unique challenges in routing cables in an RV and/or mounting the TV(s), but functionally all the same.

Today’s TV’s are very light, thin and can be mounted in so many unique ways. You can even mount a projector instead, and have a HUGE screen in a house or RV.

With limited equipment, (and depending on the equipment), you could use your cell phone, and stream directly to a TV via Chromecast with the Internet provided via your cellular data plan.

And in some cases, your cell phone can act as a hot spot, providing an Internet connection for your Smart TV, etc.

There are so many possibilities – and Home and RV Upgrades is a great choice to sort it out for you.

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