Appliances range from Washers, Driers, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Instant Water Heaters – even going to put Mini-Splits in here.

Basic service such as installation and/or removal is a service provided by Home and RV Upgrades.

Removal and/or installation, typically mounted underneath a cabinet.
Rarely does a repair make financial sense.

Removal and installation.
Move existing dryer cord to new device, if needed.
Some repairs performed, more in-depth repair will require a technician.
Installation can be in complete new location, with external dryer vent installed.
If new electrical circuit is required, must be done by a qualified electrician.

Washing machine
Removal and installation.
Some repairs performed, more in-depth repair will require a technician.
Installation in new location, requiring new plumbing may or may not be applicable by Home and RV Upgrades.

A mini-split is typically used to heat/cool a single room, and you can think of it as a miniature HVAC system. There is an external unit connected to an internal unit, with all hoses and power between the two going through a 3 inch hole in the wall.
Installation is available from Home and RV Upgrades.

Instant Hot Water Heater / Tankless Hot Water Heater
This type of hot water heater is tankless, and heats the water AS NEEDED. The water is heated by either electric, propane or natural gas. The capacity varies from small units designed to deliver water at a sink, to extremely large units able to provide hot water across an entire house. Depending on needed installation, an electrician may be needed.
Installation available from Home and RV Upgrades as applicable.

Refrigerators are pretty simple, until they are not. Installation of basic units simply require plugging into the outlet. If water is needed to connect to the refrigerator, this step can be provided by Home and RV Upgrades.
If your particular refrigerator is high tech, with optional connectivity to your network (perhaps also an app on your phone) – this is absolutely configured easily by Home and RV Upgrades.

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