Save 60% On Labor

Yes, it’s true. Save 60% on labor.

It’s easy to get this savings.

This savings only applies to labor. Any other line items on your bill must be paid at listed price.

Simply take the total labor amount, multiple that by .40.

The amount you see is the amount you would pay using the face value of any American Silver coins 1964 or earlier.


Labor cost: $200.00

$200 multiplied by .40 = $80 (60% savings).

For the purpose of this example, let’s assume you were paying with 1964 Silver Quarters.

$80.00 divided by .25 = 320 silver quarters (equals $80.00)

Any valid silver coin is applicable on this offer. Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar or Silver Dollar.

You do not need to pay your entire labor charge using this method. You can pay a portion with silver and get that part at 60% savings, and pay the rest of the labor using standard American Fiat currency.

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