WiFi Across Entire House, Backyard & Shop

WiFi coverage across the entire house, backyard and shop.

This customer had a WiFi router on one end of the house near the front wall. There was difficulty picking up a WiFi signal in the living room, much less the back porch – and zero signal in the back yard.

Original Router One End Of House

A small WiFi repeater was installed, but wasn’t very effective. Asked for suggestions, I recommended multiple WiFi access points fed from the original router via Ethernet cabling.

Running Ethernet cable to each WiFi access point eliminated completely the issues of daisy-chaining WiFi extender access points, and also ensured that communication speed from the remote WiFi access points to the router was not diminished.

Surveying the current situation of the router location, and the coverage area needed, I recommended running a single cable from the router to the other end of the house, tn the enclosed back porch.

This area would be the location for the 5 port high speed port, and electricity. From this location, three cable runs would be made to three WiFi access points:

1) A wireless access point above the living room ceiling (attic floor) which provided coverage across the opposite end of the house overlapping the existing single WiFi coverage area.
2) A wireless access point located on the back porch which ensured a great connection, even though the living room WiFi signal is also accessible.
3) A wireless access point mounted outside on the back wall of the house pointed towards the shop in the back yard.

After completion, the coverage was complete. Even the shop in the back gets strong coverage from the antenna mounted on the back porch pointed directly to the shop.

A future upgrade is a cabinet build to house and neatly organize all of the networking components currently exposed.

A second upgrade will be installing a wifi extender and network in the shop in order to connect multiple devices. The WIFI extender will ensure a very strong internet connection.

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