TV Antenna Replacement

My customer in Keene, Texas, suddenly experienced a disruption in the OTA (Over The Air) TV broadcast stations. Most stations did not come in at all, and a couple stations would be very intermittent and would be very broken up. As broadcast TV today is digital, a certain minimum baseline strength of signal is necessary to have a picture.

Testing determined the antenna needed to be replaced.

Customer ordered new antenna, an upgrade with a motor so it could be rotated.

The existing pole was sufficient. The old antenna was removed, the new antenna installed with careful attention to neatly strapping down the coax cable.

The new antenna once oriented towards the TV tower brought in a great signal, and the customer was happy.

Also, once on the roof I discovered some damage to an area of the roof. I took pictures and showed them to the homeowner so she could get a roofing company to come in and repair.

This customer was a very cool lady, and was interesting to talk to. One of the things I love is meeting new people!

The picture with the old antenna:

Replacement of the antenna was very straightforward.

The new antenna does look nice.

The old antenna still mounted with the new antenna at the ready:

Here is the antenna installed. Both old antennas removed, and this is a clean, good looking install on the old pole.

And, just to show the damage I discovered on the roof. This would have led to problems if not repaired.

Customer happy, checked back months later and she is still happy.

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