John Pine Cabin Custom Threshold

This project came about when I was visiting up north in the summer of 2022.

This old log cabin (1906) didn’t have a real threshold, and the gap between the door and floor was significant. This gap allowed in mice and other bugs. Unfortunately, the floor sloped upwards from the door opening. The eliminated the option of adding a piece to the bottom of the door.

I created a threshold out of some local material, painted and put in place. The trim around the door also was removed, so that those pieces would be shortened so the threshold would fit underneath. I didn’t have many tools to work with, but I had enough to make it happen.

This first image is the gap between the door and the floor as it existed. There was a little rubber trim piece removed which was supposed to help, but did little. That trim piece is not in this image, but is visible in the final completion photo.

Next, a shot of how the existing floor met up with the existing “threshold”.

Notice the arch in the floor – this was from the weather protective strip at the bottom of the door. The door almost hit the floor with the high point on the floor to the left at the middle of the arch – this prevented adding a piece directly to the bottom of the door.

Here is an end view of the threshold carving in progress. The underside that is hollowed, was cut with varying depths using a circular saw, and then a chisel used to remove the pieces and high spots. The inside edge was a cap over the flooring, and part of the necessary process of the inner hollowing. The top was shaped as to match the bottom edge of the door with minimal gap and to provide a slope for water to run downward away from the door.

This piece is a custom one off, as the height, necessary space in the hollow underneath and the sides were all custom. This is the piece in place once all shaping and sanding was completed. Next step: paint.


After painting, adhesive was applied to the underside and set in place. Then nail in place with finishing nails.

After the new threshold is set in place, you can see the new door gap. Still have to cut the bottom portion off on the door casing trim.

Looking from the inside out, the door trim in place, the new threshold complete.

I’ll call this a success!

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