Dryer Heat Element Replacement and a WHOLE LOT OF LINT!

Before and after the lint cleaning.

A customer with a Clothes Dryer problem contacted me.

The problem? Clothes dried very, very slowly. Requiring several cycles before the clothes became decently dry.

This client had already purchased a replacement heating element, had it in hand, and asked me to install it, did not want any diagnostics.

Not a problem!

As I began the process, which requires sliding out the dryer, I discovered the vent had been covered with a pair of hose to trap the lint. A sizable amount already accumulated.

I disassembled the dryer, which exposed a substantial amount of lint. As this could be a fire hazard, it was very fortunate that all of this lint was discovered and removed.

Here is what the dryer looked like before cleaning:

Dryer full of lint inside.

I hand removed all the lint I could, and almost filled up a plastic grocery bag. Then the interior was brushed to loosen the lint that was sticking, then vacuumed clean.

After cleaning:

Next was the removal and installation of the new Heating Element.

Then the process of reassembly.

After reassembly, the dryer tested ok, and has been used by customer. Also, the customer has installed a non collapsible dryer tube to the outside.

We should be good!

Here is a video breakdown of the whole process from start to finish.

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