List of past projects.

  • Bathroom vent to outside wall
    This ceiling bathroom vent was emptied into the attic. Customer wanted this to be directed outside, and to be closed when not in use.Dryer type flap vent on outside wall, small amount of flexible tubing connected to the existing fan unit and it was golden. Connected flexible tubing to exhaust unit to determine placement of … Read more
  • John Pine Cabin Custom Threshold
    This project came about when I was visiting up north in the summer of 2022. This old log cabin (1906) didn’t have a real threshold, and the gap between the door and floor was significant. This gap allowed in mice and other bugs. Unfortunately, the floor sloped upwards from the door opening. The eliminated the … Read more
  • Quick Drone flyover of RV
    I was on location helping a client and friend (hey Rick), and I took this footage just so Rick could see the top of the RV without having to climb a ladder.
  • TV Antenna Replacement
    My customer in Keene, Texas, suddenly experienced a disruption in the OTA (Over The Air) TV broadcast stations. Most stations did not come in at all, and a couple stations would be very intermittent and would be very broken up. As broadcast TV today is digital, a certain minimum baseline strength of signal is necessary … Read more

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