List of past projects.

  • Dryer Heat Element Replacement and a WHOLE LOT OF LINT!
    A customer with a Clothes Dryer problem contacted me. The problem? Clothes dried very, very slowly. Requiring several cycles before the clothes became decently dry. This client had already purchased a replacement heating element, had it in hand, and asked me to install it, did not want any diagnostics. Not a problem! As I began … Read more
  • Sink Drain and P-Trap Replacement
    This P-Trap was leaking. Disassembled, looked like it had been hacked together, including the sink drain along with the plunger which did not work correctly. Removed all old parts, replaced with new. No leaks, and the plunger worked great. First image here is the job completed, working great. The problem was water under the sink, … Read more
  • Proper wiring of Electrical Receptacles
    Wiring an electrical receptacle incorrectly can lead to overheating and possibly a fire. The higher the electrical load placed on an electrical outlet, the importance for a correct and solid connection becomes more important. Obviously, it is ALWAYS important to wire an outlet correctly, but what is correct? Most standard electrical outlets offer two ways … Read more
  • WiFi Across Entire House, Backyard & Shop
    WiFi coverage across the entire house, backyard and shop. This customer had a WiFi router on one end of the house near the front wall. There was difficulty picking up a WiFi signal in the living room, much less the back porch – and zero signal in the back yard. A small WiFi repeater was … Read more
  • Bathroom vent to outside wall
    This ceiling bathroom vent was blowing into the attic. Customer wanted the vented air to be directed outside, and to be closed when not in use. Dryer type flap vent on outside wall, small amount of flexible tubing connected to the existing fan unit and it was golden. Connected flexible tubing to exhaust unit to … Read more

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