About Me


Just a bit about me. I’m John Chapman, and I got my start in Construction / Blue Collar. After years of construction, I got a degree in Electronics.

The path there took me to the Internet, and to really geeky aspects of working and learning. However, I’ve always blended both IT/computer/tech with Construction.

I’ve framed, remodeled, pulled wiring, painted, etc, etc. Just recently built a golf course up in Minnesota.

I really love solving problems. Stepping back and seeing a solution implemented and working beautifully be it setting up a network, a computer rebuild, installing a new fan or fixing a leaky roof.

I get bored easily, and love challenges.

If you and I work together, you’ll get my strong work ethic, my attention to detail, my OCD nature for things to be CORRECT – and I’ll show up when I say I will ( things happen), and will keep you informed so you can relax.

Browse this site, and reach out to me to see just how I can help you.

-John Chapman

I'm your professional "Blue Collar IT Guy".


Upgrades for Home/RV's

IT - Wireless / Internet

Light Construction

Appliance Installation

Honey-Do Lists

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