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High End Upgrades and repair

Great communication, every day.

From the very beginning, we will respond the same day if you contact us before 5pm. Otherwise, you’ll hear from us the very next day.


(It’s frustrating to inquire about getting service, and not hear back for days – if ever.)

We listen. VERY CAREFULLY. We want to understand your goals be it resolving a problem or a luxurious upgrade, and determine how we can best help.

We start with asking questions, get any needed pictures, and proceeed from this point as needed.

Bids? Quotes? Arrival time? Job progress? We keep you informed until the job is complete. And we will follow up as time goes on to make sure things were handled exactly as they were intended.


Being on Time.

Respecting YOUR time.

We schedule a day and a time for you, and then we are ON TIME.

We will give you a heads up that we are on the way, so you aren’t wondering.

We will confirm your appointment the previous day (and more if needed).

Sometimes bad things happen. Flat tires. Engine Trouble. Traffic.

We will contact you as soon as we know (but really, how often do these things happen?).

Relax. We’ll be there.

Professional – Start To Finish

A professional is much more than just being paid. A professional is about attitude. An approach. A way of doing business.

Home and RV Upgrades treats YOU professionally.

Home and RV Upgrades treats each project professionally.

Home and RV Upgrades wants every single interaction to feel professional.

You are worth it!

Quality and Excellence are ESSENTIAL!

Workmanship that is done correctly and stands the test of time is important. We would be embarrassed to provide services that are mediocre or (gasp) even inferior.

Things that should be level, are level. The thousands of things that should work, work.

Each repair, each build, each interaction – every single one of these get fused together and paint a picture of Home and RV Upgrades.

I, as the owner of Home and RV Upgrades,
want Quality and Excellence.

I want YOU to experience the Quality
and Excellence as well.

Enthusiasm and Pride

We have ENTHUSIASM and PRIDE in all services and work performed, (sometimes even a little OCD).

Not a perfectionist, just want things done correctly!

“There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

Up Front Pricing

There isn’t an hourly fee with Home and RV Upgrades.

We will provide you with an upfront price, so you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost.

There are exceptions when there are unknowns, but those will be addressed with you beforehand.

All service calls have a minimum of $125, regardless of length of time. Prior to even scheduling a time to arrive to your home, the charge for your service call will be discussed, and agreed upon.

Transparency, with no surprises!

Great Care Of Your Home Or RV

We’ll take great care of your Home or RV.

From cleanliness, handling things with care, to quality of workmanship – respect for your home is top of mind.


When we are in your Home or RV, we will point out things that might be essential to repair, or perhaps a modification that can enhance your life.

It could be a potential leak on the outside – or something as simple as a ceiling fan with a remote control. That remote control could even be an app on your phone!

As we navigate through your home, inside and out, we will be proactive as possible always looking out for your quality of life.

Long Term Solutions

What is the best solution to a problem? There are usually several good solutions, but what is the best LONG TERM solution?

Usually, a Long Term solution costs a bit more. A plan / design taking into account future needs. Or, a more expensive grade of materials or product.

Is the solution needed to last a year, or 20 years?

I’ll execute the solution that works for you with excellence to last Long Term.

Problems and Solutions

Your problem, either upgrade or repair, could be simple – or very complicated. Some issues could even need a specialist. Otherwise, Home and RV Upgrades can help.

The more high tech and interesting is preferable, but a wide range of issues are what we address.

Here are some of the types of things that can be handled for you:

Assessment / Evaluation
Home Upgrades
RV Upgrades
Handicap Modifications
Light Construction
Honey-Do Lists
Computers / Internet
Home Entertainment
Low Voltage Lighting/Wiring
Glass Scratch Removal
Hard Water Deposit Removal
What else? Just ask.
For in-depth detail on the variety of ways we can help you, check out the Services page.
Light Construction

Your life enhanced

Upgrades, or repairs – it is all about enhancing your life.

Sometimes it is just a small thing that might even be driving you crazy, or perhaps something bigger. Home and RV Upgrades is a great choice to either solve this issue, or help you find someone that can.

Recommendation Worthy

I want you so delighted with Home and RV Upgrades you are happy to recommend us to others.

Every stage of your interaction is important.

Starting with viewing this very website, thru discovery, scheduling, arrival, respect for your home, high quality service work, excellent clean up and a job well done.

Service Area

The “home” for Home and RV Upgrades is primarily Johnson County. The service area for Home and RV Upgrades extends around Johnson County over to Glenrose, Granbury, Burleson and Alvardo. Continuing the service area north to Parker County which includes Springtown, Azle, Weatherford and Benbrook.

Service in Fort Worth, or the even the Metroplex, is contingent on the job, schedule, and other factors.

All requests, inquires, voicemail, etc, submitted by 5 PM CST get a response the same day. It might be late in the day when I am able to respond, but respond I will.

Contacting Home and RV Upgrades by phone will allow you to leave a voice message. This message is automatically converted to text and sent to me via email. Again, you will receive a response. Please include clearly your email address if you leave a message. The best method is to use the form above.

Phone Number: (817) 502-3499

Direct Email: help@homeandrvupgrades.com

I'm your professional "Blue Collar IT Guy".


Upgrades for Home/RV's

IT - Wireless / Internet

Light Construction

Appliance Installation

Honey-Do Lists

See full list of Services for more.